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General Information about the Chania Municipal Unit

The city of Chania, capital of the Chania county, is located in the North-Eastern part of the county and has a population of approximately 88.077 citizens and a great number of visitors mostly during the summertime. It constitutes the administrative, commercial, economical and transport centre of the county. The city has two major gates: the airport in Akrotiri and the Souda harbour which is the biggest one in the Mediterranean.
The city of Chania is built on top of the ruins of ancient Kydonia, a powerful and commercial city mostly in the meta-Minoan years. Chania in 69 BC was conquered by the Romans and after 325 AC it was handed over to the Byzantines. In 823 AC it was conquered by the Arabs until 1204 when the Venice Domination began. During those years the city of Chania thrived commercially, economically and intellectually so much that it was called “Venice of the East”. In 1645 the Turks occupy Chania until the 1st of December, 1913 when Crete is united with the rest of Greece.
The city of today consists of the old and the new section. In the old section one can admire five different districs: Topana, Hebrew, Syntrivani, Splantzia and Kasteli. In the modern section one will observe the efficient street layout, wide streets, pedestrian zones, commercial center, many well-preserved neoclassical buildings and the pulse of life mostly in the summer since the clean beaches and natural beauty of the county in general constitute and attraction for millions of visitors from around the world.
Intellectually, life in the city is rather interesting, since a plethora of cultural events such as theatrical performances, literature, exhibitions, festivals, conjectural and musical events are organized every year.
In Chania it is also worth to visit the City Market in the center of the city, the city park, the old Harbor and the Venetian lighthouse. Particularly interesting are also the Historical Archive of Chania, the Archaeological Museum, the Naval Museum, the Historical Museum, the Folklore Museum and the catholic church.

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The Municipal Unit of Chania, located north of the prefecture of Chania and has established as the capital of the prefecture of Chania. It is a seaside Municipal module according to the census of 2001, has 53,373 inhabitants and a total area of ​​12,564 acres. The Municipal unit includes 1 district: district Chania.


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Map of Municipalities in Chania Prefecture

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Restaurant in Chania   There are plenty of food places in Chania, restaurants with cuisines of all variations, taverns, ouzeries throughout the entire region of Chania. A large variety of taverns and restaurants are concentrated in the old Venetian harbor with its lighthouse, which at night offers a spectacular view of the colorful buildings lit from edge to edge.

Coffee in Chania   Regardless of the weather, rain or sunshine we are always seeking the chance to hang out at a cafe in Chania and look forward to savoring a moment of true relaxation and simple enjoyment... whether it’s in harbour of Chania, the local squares, and charismatic side streets and colorful alleyways or in the neighborhoods in the city. Would you truly like to try a refreshing coffee while allowing yourself to recline back into a comfortable armchair and simply savor the delicious flavors offered? Take a look at our suggestions on various coffees and flavours and also the great number of cafes and coffee shops available in Chania. Try your coffee in Chania now!

Hotels in Chania   Chania is the ultimate destination for a vacation and relaxation, its cities, towns and villages providing a wonderful combination of a rich history combined with the culture and character of Cretan people their traditions and modern influences. Chania offers a huge range of hotels and apartments, with amenities and services that will meet all your needs. For accommodation, see the selected hotels on our list.

Hotels in Chania   Regarding excursions in Chania, a great option is to rent a car from the many Rent a Car companies on our list. Trust the extensive experience that they provide, and choose from a wide range of cars and have fun exploring the beaches, seaside towns or mountainous villages with their rich traditions offering the most amazing scenery, landscape and magical views. For car rentals, see here.

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