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Wedding in Chania, Ο Γαμπρός

The appearance of the groom is completed with accessories and jewelry. Obviously the groom wears less and more low key accessories and jewelry than the bride but nonetheless enough to enhance his image on the day of his wedding. The accessories for the groom include a tie or bow tie, waistcoat, belt and scarf for the lapel.

The tie should match the style and color of the suit. Good quality fabric with discreet colours and designs.Avoid bold colours and quirky ties .Instead of a tie you can wear a bow ties or prefer to go without setting a different and more trendy look. The vest is an essential part of the groom’ suit. It can be worn with any type of suit so long as the colours match. The purpose of the vest is to slim down and add height to the groom and highlight the male silhouette. The vest does not need to be of the same fabric as the suit.

The belt must match the shoes both in color and material. Avoid knitted belts or zones or relief as the smooth classical belt is appropriate for a wedding .Experiment with different colours as the belt does not need to have the same colour as the suit. The scarf ( a traditional piece )is meant to match the tie. However, this is not an accessory that contemporary Bridegrooms wear.

The items of jewelry that can be worn by the groom are cuff-links, a watch and of course the wedding ring.
The cuff-links should match the shirt. You can choose gold cuff-links, silver, platinum, round or square.
Give Emphasis to the watch on this day because the groom should wear something eloquent and grand usually an expensive brand.

The rings chosen by the bride and groom symbolize the eternal love and devotion they have for one another. There are many rings on the market for them to choose from of different materials, shapes, styles and design. Select those you like and that you think represent you . Please note that it is not necessary to choose two identical rings. The bride’s ring can be decorated with precious stones and semi-precious gems but the groom’s should be more simple or perhaps decorated with one single jewel. Do not forget that your rings can be engraved with the wedding date or your names or perhaps a favorite romantic quote or anything else you want.

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