General Information of the Municipal Unit of Gavdos

The Municipal Unit of Gavdos is located on the island of Gavdos in the south of the prefecture of Chania. According to the 2001 census, the W. Unit has a total of 98 inhabitants and an area of ​​32,424 acres. The D. Unit of Gavdos includes: K.d. Gavdou * Kastrion * Ampelos * Vatsiana * Gavdopoula (islet) * Karave * Fokia The island of Gavdos is the southernmost part of Europe. Known in antiquity as Ogygia, the island of Calypso as Homer tells us, where Odysseus sank and sought refuge. In the Middle Ages Gavdos had a population of about 8000 inhabitants, with its own Bishop. The main settlements are Kastri, the capital of the island and Karave, the small port. Gavdos is 28 nm from Crete and 150 nm. from the coasts of Africa. Its area is only 30 The majority of tourists who arrive on the island every year, head to the beautiful beach of Sarakinikos. White sand, blue waters, dunes and cedars in the background compose the image of Gavdos. Rooms to let, car and motorbike rental offices, small taverns on the beach, hiking trails and much more. Gavdos is connected almost daily with Paleochora, Agios Roumeli and the town of Sfakion and the trip lasts 3-4 hours.

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