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Hotels Chania

Chania is the ultimate destination for a vacation and relaxation, its cities, towns and villages providing a wonderful combination of a rich history combined with the culture and character of Cretan people their traditions and modern influences. Chania offers a huge range of hotels and apartments, with amenities and services that will meet all your needs. For accommodation, see the selected hotels on our list.

Cafe Chania

Regardless of the weather, rain or sunshine we are always seeking the chance to hang out at a cafe in Chania and look forward to savoring a moment of true relaxation and simple enjoyment… whether it’s in harbour of Chania, the local squares, and charismatic side streets and colorful alleyways or in the neighborhoods in the city. Would you truly like to try a refreshing coffee while allowing yourself to recline back into a comfortable armchair and simply savor the delicious flavors offered? Take a look at our suggestions on various coffees and flavours and also the great number of cafes and coffee shops available in Chania. Try your coffee in Chania now!

Restaurants Chania

There are plenty of food places in Chania, restaurants with cuisines of all variations, taverns, ouzeries throughout the entire region of Chania. A large variety of taverns and restaurants are concentrated in the old Venetian harbor with its lighthouse, which at night offers a spectacular view of the colorful buildings lit from edge to edge.

Travel Agencies Chania

In Chania there are a variety of travel agencies and agencies that offer many options in terms of organizing trips to various tourist destinations inside and outside the prefecture of Chania. During the summer months, excursions are organized to popular destinations in Chania, such as the Samaria Gorge, Elafonissi, Falassarna, Balos, Lake Kournas and others.

Villas Chania

Villa rental is one of the best solutions to spend the vacation of your dreams in Chania.
The city of Chania is one of the tourist destinations that you will can’t decide which attraction to visit first, on which beach to enjoy your dives, which gorge to cross and which monument to photograph! This is one of the most “endowed” by nature and man areas of Greece.
Combine this beautiful landscape with an excellent stay in Villas and Luxury Holiday Homes around Chania, live the vacation of your dreams!

Construction Companies Chania

The development of real estate thanks to the construction companies and the technical offices in Chania and in general in Crete has a great growth course in recent years.
It is very pleasing that Chania has reliable and capable people to undertake the construction, repair or renovation of these properties.
Find the right construction company in Chania and get the ideal home for you and your family.

Weddings – Events Chania

Weddings in Chania are quite a common phenomenon for years by foreign and Greek newlyweds.
The renowned wedding planners of our place create a wonderful atmosphere and surprises for the couple and their guests that make the day special and magical. The same happens with other types of events that take place in beautiful places in Chania and take off every event.

Rent a Car Chania

Regarding excursions in Chania, a great option is to rent a car from the many Rent a Car, Minivan or Minibus companies on our list. Trust the extensive experience that they provide, and choose from a wide range of cars and have fun exploring the beaches, seaside towns or mountainous villages with their rich traditions offering the most amazing scenery, landscape and magical views. For car rentals, see here.

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