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Welcome to the website of the Professional and Tourist Guide of the Prefecture of Chania: (or also

In this website you will discover almost all our services as well as tools for searching professionals and information for any kind of activity in Chania and the rest of the Prefecture. Feel free to browse our website. If you have comments or questions about our products and services or just need more information do not hesitate to contact us.

A few words about the Guide

The Guide for the Citizen of Hanioti unfolds through these pages navigating through the main “menus” at the top of the page. The lack of information and the rapid evolution of things in our life in Chania, led us to the implementation and development of this Website. Technology nowadays is developing at a very fast pace, causing several times “turmoil” and the need for constant information. For both Haniotis and the visitor, the need for a “guide” that covers all kinds of information about our place, is obvious. There are countless types of professions and great specialization. Many times, encountering difficulties or needs, we are tormented to find someone to turn to, to buy any kind of product or service. Through this website we hope you always find the answer to your daily searches. If you are a professional with activity in the Prefecture of Chania If you are a professional with activity in our Prefecture and you want any information and information about the Professional and Tourist Guide of Chania, or you still want to point out any correction or incomplete registration, contact us and we will respond.

Ways to promote your business

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Taking advantage of the growing traffic of our website, Chania Citizen Guide and the continuous development of the internet, you can promote your business in the following ideal ways:

A. With a card of dimensions 336×210 trace elements (pixels) that will appear to the right of your entry, in the corresponding professional category in the database of the Business & Tourist Guide.

B. With pages of 680×585 trace elements that will be displayed, by clicking on the text “more information”, below the card of your registration.

C. With a banner of dimensions 700×100 trace elements, above each produced page of CCG.

D. With a plate with dimensions of 270×100 trace elements, above each produced page of CCG.

The above-mentioned ways of promotion cost little compared to the print or radio-television advertising and their performance is incomparably higher since the promotion is continuous and the target audience is multidimensional.

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