Wedding in Chania

The Wedding Guide for Chania offers information about wedding and its organisation, tradition, the church, the party, the honeymoon trip, the new Home. All of the professionals of Chania that are related to everything before, after and at the time of the wedding are presented comprehensively. As the Professional and Touristic Guide, the Wedding Guide for Chania, provides a search engine for professionals – professional categories with criteria based on the area of business, the municipality or keywords. In the right column you can find articles with information on important wedding-related issues.

In the Wedding – General Information section you will find all details and legal procedures needed for the wedding permit, you will find answers to questions related to the acquisition of the family tree certificate, the wife’s last name, the children and you will be informed about difficulties that might arise in the process. If you are in dilemma about choosing a church or town-hall we line-up all the procedures as well as the conditions for the religious or civil marriage. In the Tradition, Customs section we attempt a historical overview starting from the matrimony in ancient Greece, continuing with a presentation of the dominant wedding customs in Greece and a special article on the traditional Cretan wedding which is rather interesting. Of course we could not leave out some of the non-Greek wedding traditions.

In the Wedding Organisation section you will find a plethora of information about how to perfectly organise everything in that important day. If you choose to organise the wedding yourself it is necessary to know how to prepare the guest-list, how to select the invitations and thank-you notes, the wedding treats and wedding wreath, how to decorate the car, the church or the wedding reception and how to keep a reminder of this special day by videotaping and photographing the event. Of course for those who are not willing to engage in such a time-consuming process there always are the wedding organisation agencies that can take care of everything for you, relieving you from all the stress and anxiety.

The protagonists of this day are of course the Bride and Groom and everyone will be looking at them. Browse through our relevant articles to learn all there is to know about what the bride and groom must do in order to be prepared for the big day. From the wedding-dress, to the bride’s reception dress, the bouquet, to the groom’s suit, how both of them can select the rings and the jewellery, the shoes and the underwear, the body-care and beauty. You can also find out how to organise the bachelor parties for the bride and groom a few days before they start their new lives together.

We could not of course leave out the co-stars. Get acquainted with the actions the best man and the maid of honor must take, their responsibilities and their preparations. The flower girls play an important role in helping the bride. Either children or grown-ups, they have certain responsibilities. Find out everything about them as well as what they should wear and hold in their hands. Parents and the rest of the family should be radiant on this special occasion. Find out what they must do to assist the event and what they should wear.

After the holy matrimony follows the reception party. Organise everything so that your guests will be as pleased as possible. We help you select a place for your reception, either a hall, a hotel, a club or for those that wish, an estate. We also give information about how to arrange the food menu and the wedding-cake, the kind of music you can have, live or DJ and finally how to make the table arrangements so that your guests will feel comfortable and enjoy a wonderful night.

After all this anxiety and stressful planning for your wedding, it is a good idea to relax. Check out some ideal destinations in Greece and abroad in the honeymoon trip section as well as the process required for the trip and the travel agencies that can help you have an unforgettable experience.

In the Churches section we give you the names, addresses and telephone numbers for all the churches in the general Chania area.

The couple is now ready to start their new lives and is now seeking its ideal home. Is it more preferable to buy, rent or refurbish a house? What kind of furniture, electric and electronic appliances, textiles and household equipment should they choose? How will they decorate their new home? We hope the ideas in Our New Home section can help you with your questions and dilemmas and we wish you a happy life together!