Religious marriage

Published: September 10, 2019
General Information, Wedding in Chania

In order not to get confused by all the bureaucratic procedures and paperwork needed in order to get married ,you must look at all the procedures step by step so you know what you have to do.

All the following procedures must be done at least 6 months prior to the wedding date because wedding licenses are given a six-month validity.

The couple each needs to have a certificate of celibacy, a certificate that states they are not married. The certificate is issued by the parish priest to which each of them belongs. To give you a certificate of celibacy you need to have with you your birth certificate (issued by the municipality in which your parents family portion is), a solemn statement of the law 105, your identification card, a copy of the newspaper in which the wedding notice was published. Wedding notices should be published in one of the local newspapers in the Greek language before the application for a marriage license is submitted. Two witnesses who will sign a form that you are not married are needed. The witnesses should not be first-degree relatives, it is preferable that they are two friends. If previously married, a certified copy of the divorce decree, or a death certificate if married ended due to death of spouse.

After you get the certificates of celibacy from each of your parishes, you must then proceed to the church where the wedding will take place. Please note you must already have decided on the name of your children because you will need to sign a final declaration. At the church you will fill in an application which will then be complete when the form goes to the archdiocese. From there, on the same day, you will get the marriage license, which you then take to the church where the ceremony will take place.You will also have with you a 15 Euro paravolo paid for and the parish priest shall then proceed to sign the document. Now you’re ready to deal with the wedding preparations.
The whole procedure can be done by another person without any written authorization needed or have the church handle all these proceedings.

Additionally be aware that if you choose to have a wedding in a different parish from the parish of the bride then you need the parish priest of the bride to give permission for conducting the wedding in the church that you want.