The dress

Published: September 10, 2019
Wedding in Chania, Η Νύφη

Sometimes brides after the church ceremony choose to replace the wedding dress with a striking evening dress for the reception. If you want to do the same you should start looking for the evening dress at the same time you begin your search for your wedding dress. Once again you need to consider your body type, the accessories that you will wear, the style that complements you best and the style of your wedding. If your wedding will take place in the morning or afternoon or if the style is simple and not at all pretentious, the evening dress that you choose cannot be too but rather more airy and something that would suit the occasion, but always something special because you are the bride and you should stand out among your guests.

Looking at magazines and bride stores will give you an idea of the different designs, styles, and fabrics available on the market. Fabrics like satin, muslin, silk, taffeta and lace are preferred. With many colors to choose from (do not however choose black as it is not suitable for the occasion even though black is a dominant color in evening dresses), but prefer shades of white and gold or red. Make sure the idea is to flatter and enhance your figure. Long, short, up to the knee, tight, loose-fitting, with or without a slit, with a A bust line, with a deep opening in the back, with an asymmetrical shoulder, strapless or with straps, decorated with Swarovski crystals or rich embroidery will all prove to be captivating and result in a stunning appearance. It is preferable to select a designer name in high fashion and beauty, as you will be guaranteed an elegant and stylish and truly feminine result.

The truth is that nowadays you will rarely find a bride who wears an evening dress to the reception. There is no need to wear anything other than your wedding dress. You are the bride and should stand out on your big day. Evening dresses will be worn by a number of guests and you do not need to look another guest! Moreover, why waste your time looking around for a unique evening dress and spending even more money. The best option is your wedding dress, which will only be worn once in your lifetime so make the most of it and wear it to the reception. Enjoy your wedding day and your wedding dress and wear it all day long and you will definitely be the star of the night.