Hochzeitsempfang Dekorationen

Published: September 10, 2019
Wedding in Chania, Οργάνωση του Γάμου

After the decorating of the church be sure to have the reception area decorated too. If you want you can have the church flower arrangements and decorations transferred to the reception, otherwise be prepared to choose more flowers. For the decoration of the reception hall take into account the area and space available. It must be consistent with the overall style of your wedding. Prefer fresh and dried flowers, candles, fruits, nuts and balloons that are a more economical solution.

Roses, gardenias, tulips, white daisies, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, jasmine, lilies and orange flowers scattered in the reception and on tables will be colorful and provide a fragrant atmosphere. Flower petals especially rose petals can be scattered around the dance floor, tables, serving trays, the salads and even the wedding cake. Place bouquets of white roses on each table .Instead of flowers you can use nuts, fruits or even various herbs. Candle holders in various sizes, filled with water and small petals floating in them looks romantic or a large candle decorated with flowers are an excellent choice too. You can also fill dishes with dried flowers and fruit.

Candles scattered throughout the area and on tables create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. You can use balloons in combination with single flowers or balloons. Balloons hung from the ceiling are a good choice. An equally good idea is the use of an ornament or sculpture or a small flower or plant pot with a small plant set on each table. Ribbon and tulle on doors or hanging from the ceiling and tied in front of the tables is a nice way of decorating and filling the space. The tablecloths and place settings should be white in color to match the decoration.

The decoration set above looks particularly good when the reception is hosted in a hotel or in a specific room. If, however, it takes place in a space outdoors then the land itself is naturally abundant in rich decoration. A few dried flowers, fruits, nuts and a few candles are enough. If the area is located next to the sea then use and highlight colors mostly in whites and blues. Woven wreaths of shells, oysters, star fish and sea plants placed in jars filled with sand may be placed in several places. If the reception is next to a pool then float candles, flowers and water lilies can be used floating on the water.

The season in which you choose to have your wedding can play an important role in the decoration of the reception area. For a summer wedding for example colors of white and opal, gold and silver shades match well. White bouquets, white daisies and flowers, sunflowers, bowls with dried fruit, white or pink tablecloths and white place settings will set a unique tone.

If your wedding is in autumn prefer the use of earth colors like browns, khakis, greens or beige. Leave dry leaves, dried flowers, straw, nuts, chestnuts and candles in the same shades on the tables and the surrounding area. In spring, you have more options because flowers are in abundance. Bouquets of various shades of roses, exotic plants, branches with blossoms, branches with almonds and olive leaves and flowers will produce an atmosphere of a celebration of nature at your reception.

In winter you can choose a more rich style of decoration. Here the colors of deep reds, greens, blue, copper, gold and silver should be dominant. Red roses and tulips, orchids, green leaves, pine cones, pomegranates, red candles and red ribbons will produce a captivating and warm atmosphere. Especially if you get married at Christmas you can also portray this festivity at your wedding reception with emphasis on reds and greens for the flowers, fabrics and decorative items, have a huge Christmas tree decorated, use fake snow, and glitter scattered everywhere , have large red and green balls, angels and lights hung on doors, windows and ceiling, place branches of dark brown and in colors of gold or deep crimson, sprays of fir and pine trees put in vases. Even the wedding candles you choose can be used to decorate the space. You can choose them in red or gold and they can be decorated with flower wreaths, ribbons and bows in similar colors, or even decorated with small crystals.