Contemporary ways

Wedding in Chania, Παράδοση, Ήθη, Έθιμα

Most times Greeks choose that their wedding stay faithful to local traditions and customs. However some customs can seen quite outlandish.

Such a custom is having the bachelor or hen’s party a day or two before the wedding. The groom gets together with his friends as does the bride with her friends for a whole night of celebrating their last night as a single man and woman.

The toss of the bouquet is another custom, which is not a Greek custom. At the end of the ceremony the bride invites all the single women present to surround her and she then turns her back to them and throws her wedding bouquet to the women and the one that catches it is considered to be the next lucky bride.

At the reception, the cake will be cut, will be tasted in turn by the couple who will then proceed to drink champagne and dance the first dance as a married couple to a romantic song they have chosen. This custom is one that is always adhered to.