The shoes

Published: September 10, 2019
Wedding in Chania, Η Νύφη

The shoes play an important role in the appearance of the bride. Of course they must match the overall style, fabric and length of the wedding dress, the accessories, the height of the bride and the groom, and the general style of the wedding.

For those of you who are going to get married you must know that this day, apart from it being a day of great joy and emotion is also a very stressful and tiring day. At the church ceremony you will be standing for some hours as you also have to accept the guests’ best wishes and congratulations once the ceremony has finished. The reception too entails a lot of standing and greeting all guests again at their seats offering a toast to all present and don’t forget the dancing that is involved.

It is obvious that a good pair of comfortable shoes is what is needed to help you cope with all that awaits you on the big day. It is not at all becoming if you are too tired to get up from your table, you will no doubt have lost the good mood you had to begin with as well. For this reason, take the time to find the perfect shoes. Do not choose a pair that is very beautiful and impressive, but not at all comfortable and practical. Do be aware that good quality shoes that are also comfortable will be expensive but well worth the investment for your wedding day.

The style of evening shoes that you can choose from are: white classic pumps with a high or moderate heel that would be considered as the official wedding dress shoe and must match the style of the wedding dress, with the strapped pump, the shoe is open at the front and closed at the back. The mule shoe is closed at the front but open at the back and flat shoes are either completely without a heel or with a very slight heel. As with regards to the color of the shoes, the colors of white, silver, gold, beige and off white shades are suitable and will match the wedding dress and your accessories. For a more striking appearance, you can choose shoes trimmed with sequins or glitter, semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls, bows and flowers.

The sandal type shoe is very appropriate in the very warm summer months. Remember though that can be worn in winter with transparent or netting tights (with an open shoe you should never wear tights). This shoe stands out more and is very flattering and gives a sense of comfort and freedom. But be sure you have had a pedicure and have the toe nails painted nicely.

Do not neglect to have with you two pair of shoes on your wedding day. A more formal for the ceremony and a lighter and more comfortable for the reception as a slipper or shoe with a low heel will be appropriate for the festivities and allow you to move around and dance freely.

Be sure to have your wedding shoes worn several times and have them broken in before the actual wedding day. Needless to say you must have them with you at all wedding dress fittings.

A voluminous dress loaded with many accessories suits a simple pair of shoes whereas a more simple wedding dress goes with a more impressive evening shoe which will stand out.
If you are tall do not wear a shoe with a high heel as it might look over the top. Keep in mind the height of your partner. If he is the same height as you or just a little taller or perhaps a little shorter then high heels will make you look taller and might put him in a in a difficult position.