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Published: September 10, 2019
General Information, Wedding in Chania

The couple must be 18 years of age and over. If someone is under 18, the state accepts the marriage as long as no one is under the age of 14.In this case a written consent from the parents, the guardian or guardians is needed.

A marriage is considered to be of incest and prohibited when the couple is blood related from first to fourth degree. Also in the case of a marriage at a second degree, even if the marriage from which the relationship came is terminated. A marriage is prohibited in the case of adoption, ie a marriage between adopted and adoptive parent , between adopted children and even between their offspring even if the adoption has been terminated.

Children who have the same godfather are considered spiritual siblings and therefore cannot marry according to the Greek Orthodox church.

If the future spouses were previously married and wish to remarry they must have obtained a divorce.

In the Orthodox church a marriage between a Christian and non-Christian is not permitted. To have such a marriage possible then the non-Christian must be baptized and become a Christian. Protestants and Catholics are considered Christians, therefore a marriage may be permitted and in such a case two ceremonies can operate on the condition that the orthodox wedding ceremony take place.

Finally, in Greece a wedding between persons of the same sex is not allowed. A marriage between homosexuals is not accepted by the church and there is no Greek law that enables such a wedding.