The Basics

General Information, Wedding in Chania

Before you decide to marry it is a good idea to know when a marriage is allowed.

According to Greek family law you are allowed to get married;

You must be 18 years of age and over. If someone is under 18, the state accepts the marriage as long as no one is under the age of 14.In this case it is necessary that a written consent of the guardian or guardians is needed.

The couple must be of mental cabablility and thus able to understand the ceremony.

If previously married, a certified copy of the divorce decree, or a death certificate if marriage ended due to death of spouse is needed.At least a year should pass since the divorce or death before a second marriage is allowed.

In the case of a disappearance then at least 4 years should have passed since the official statement was declared.

So you haven’t decided whether to have a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony. This is something that concerns only you. Many feel more confident if their marriage has the blessing of the church, others for various reasons (often financial or ideology) choose to have a civil ceremony. Whatever you decide the bureaucratic procedures are the same.
The civil marriage in Greece is not compulsory as opposed to the religious one that is. So after a civil ceremony a religious one can follow but not vice versa. The Greek Orthodox Church does not accept this policy as it considers the marriage to be a contract undertaken in the form of a religious ceremony and not in a private institution.
Usually the parents and most of the relatives tend to want a religious wedding. Since you are the one getting married it is solely your choice.