Wedding wreath – treats

Published: September 10, 2019
Wedding in Chania, Οργάνωση του Γάμου


The Bonbonnieres (sugared coated almonds) is your gift to your guests. It is a small reminder for those who attended your wedding and can be used as a decorative item for the home.

The Bonbonnieres are selected and purchased by the best man. But they must go with the overall style of the wedding and match the decoration of the church, the colors of the flowers or the color of the bride’s dress. So whoever is to become the best man at your wedding must choose and order the sugared almonds in advance and not at the last minute, as some time is needed for them to be made up and delivered in time .

Be sure the number of Bonbonnieres is equal to the number of guests but it is safe to order many more pieces as many guests often take a second one as well.
After the ceremony and once your guests have congratulated the couple they will be given the Bonbonnieres. Be sure to have many pieces at the reception as well as there will be will some guests who could not attend the ceremony. The newly weds do not have to send Bonbonnieres to those who could not attend the wedding at all, unless of course they want to.

When you start to select the Bonbonnieres, you must take into account two key questions: is the material in which the almonds are enveloped traditional materials or something more unique and modern? Are they cheap or expensive? The more traditional materials are usually of lace, tulle and the organza, tied with a colored ribbon. If you want to be original you can choose something more modern or more practical or more expensive. For example some wedding sugared coated almonds in a small ornamental box, jar, envelope, or shaped in a heart, a rose, a tulip or a lily, the use of dried flowers, or using shells or even a decorative purse. It costs more to buy Bonbonnieres with silver, gold and pearl jewelry.
Venetian Bonbonnieres, are pricey but very stylish and fashionable, giving off an air of love and romance in Venetian style and made from high quality materials, you will find these at selective stores. Certainly there are many styles of decorative pieces to choose from, but make sure what you choose is to your taste and liking and of course meets your financial capabilities.

Once your guests will get their hands on the Bonbonnieres they will waste no time in enjoying them one of the most tasty and special sweet sugar-coated delicacies. You have to decide what shape and flavor you want your sugar coated almonds to be. The sugar-coated almond can be found in various shapes, sizes and flavors. Apart from the classic shape, there are heart-shaped ones that are coated with chocolate milk or flavored with praline, coconut, fruit such as orange, pineapple, strawberry and cherry. If you want something more modern and out of the ordinary you can substitute the almonds with sugar-coated chocolates or candies.

The number of sugar-coated almonds are used in a bonbonniere is normally an odd number traditionally 1 symbolizing that two people are joined in holy matrimony and also the Greek orthodox church accepts only one ceremony per believer (ie one marriage, one baptism). But the common number chosen is 5 sugar-coated as it is the number symbolizing health, joy, fertility, longevity and prosperity. Sometimes 7 and nine are also used. If you select more than one sugar-coated, you can mix the tastes, 5 sugar-coated almonds and 2 with fruit or chocolate flavor.

Wedding Wreath/Crown

The crown symbolises the shackles of marriage, the union of two people and the love and devotion of one partner for another. The wreaths are also purchased by the bestman and once again they must match and suit the overall style of the wedding and especially the wedding dress, it is best that the best man pick the wreaths with the bride. Remember that the wreath represents something timeless for the couple, a kind of family heirloom, so it must be in good taste.

In wedding stores with such items you will find wedding crowns or wreaths of various styles, shapes and made of various materials. The classic wreath is round, but there are other shapes such as hearts or star shapes. Silver, gold and porcelain wreaths are usually chosen with pearls, stones and Swavroski crystals used as decoration. Of course you can also choose copper or bronze ones too. If you want to impress choose wreaths made from olive tree branches and leaves, wreaths made from leather combined with various flowers, or from natural dried flowers.
Whatever material you choose, however, note that they can be combined with decorative shells, sand grains, olive leaves, crystals, glitter, sequins, lilies and roses.

The handmade wreath although more expensive, is much more unique and carefully created with more imagination and passion.