Before the wedding

Wedding in Chania, Η Νύφη

Your love has already proposed and you have said yes. You feel great happiness. However you should leave your happiness and dreams for a happy life aside for a while and start planning. You cannot imagine the stress and running around involved in organizing your wedding. Try to get some time off work so you and your partner can start discussing and arranging every detail. Do not leave anything to the last minute or to chance. Your wedding should be a unique and special experience so everything must be planned perfectly. At the moment you may feel you are in a state of confusion not knowing where to begin, therefore we suggest a feasible plan, which will surely enlighten and help you. Besides everything depends on good organizational skills..

The wedding arrangements should begin a year before the wedding date. First decide on the style of the wedding. Would you prefer an open wedding or a wedding with close family members only, a grand church or a small chapel near the sea, a popular island or a remote island, a modern, traditional or aristocratic type of wedding. It is necessary to answer these questions because your choice of the church and reception hall depends on the style of wedding you have chosen. After deciding on the wedding date you should immediately book the church especially if you are getting married any time between May and the end of the summer due to the fact that there a lot of weddings at this time of the year. The next step is to decide who will be the best man (if you have not already decided) and make sure he begins planning as well. Finally decide on a nuptial budget because you will be able to organize everything and decide on the guest list according to how much money you plan to spend.

4 months before the wedding begin arranging the most essential things. You should begin looking for your wedding dress, book the florist who will be in charge of decorating the church and reception hall, choose a photographer , cameraman and music band or DJ for your entertainment. You should also arrange for the car, which will take you to the church and reception afterwards. You should also try to spend some time on looking after yourself: start attending a gym and eat a healthier diet.

3 months before the wedding collect all the necessary documents for the marriage (there are quite a few). You should have already tried on several wedding dresses or if you have decided to have the wedding dress made, your measurements should be taken, finish the guest list so you can arrange the invitations. After this you should choose the wedding wreaths, candles and sugared covered almonds with the best man or maid of honor.

2 months before the wedding you should have decided on a wedding dress, so fittings can begin, as well as accessories, jewellery and clothes for the bridesmaids. You should buy the shoes, and underclothes. You should also order the invitations and buy the wedding rings and the best man’s gift. You should also decide on the menu for the reception and the wedding cake.

1 month before send your wedding announcement to the local newspaper, decide on a hairdresser and make-up artist and begin trying out hairstyles and make-up for the big day. Send out the invitations to the guests and decide on a wedding bouquet.

1 week before arrange the final fitting of the wedding dress decide on which hairstyle and make-up you prefer. Also plan a hens party and arrange for the bridal bed to be made on a Thursday. Many brides do not arrange a party or have a bridal bed made, but if you decide to have a party or a bridal bed made a lot of planning is required. You should get together with the best man or maid of honor and discuss the last details. At the same time try to devote time to you, relax and get some rest.

The big day has arrived. Begin the day by thinking positively do not think that something may go wrong or that you have forgotten something, you will only feel more stressed. You should meet your friends, talk about issues other than the wedding and listen to relaxing music. Set off for the hairdresser’s and make-up artist in a good mood and enjoy the image of yourself with your new hairstyle and make-up. With the help of relatives and friends put on your wedding dress, smile and tell jokes. Everything will turn out beautifully since you have arranged everything so well.