Accessories, jewellery, wedding rings

Wedding in Chania, Η Νύφη

The accessories, jewellery and wedding rings should complement and complete the look of the bride. They should all be chosen after you have made your final decision on the wedding dress so as to match and blend harmoniously with it.

The types of accessories that you can choose are tiaras, a veil, gloves, scarves, fur trim, hair clips decorated with crystal stones, small flower buds, ribbons,or a small wreath placed at the top of your hair.
Tiaras are very much in fashion at the moment and suit every type of hairstyle. Delicate, dainty tiaras are more elegant and beautiful than the bigger ones. They are made from gold, silver, copper or glass and decorated with Swarovski crystals, glitter or semi- precious stones that will make you feel like a queen.

The veil is not particularly preferred by brides these days as many feel it is an extra weight on the head and also fear it might ruin the hairstyle. If however you want to wear a veil you can choose from a wide variety of different sizes and lengths with one or multiple layers, plain, lace or rich jewels. The veil is worn only during the ceremony.

The gloves can be worn in all seasons including summer. They are very elegant and will add an aristocratic tone. They come in different sizes; long gloves that cover the entire hand until the shoulders, gloves to the elbow or wrist, even finger-less gloves. If you are wearing a strapless wedding dress or thin straps then long gloves match this type of dress. The color and fabric of the gloves should match the fabric and color of the wedding dress. You can choose a fabric of satin, lace or organza in shades of white, salmon, ivory, pearl or a light shade of pink.

Instead of a veil you can wear a shawl to your wedding especially if your dress is simple, without any rich accessories. A small fur of the color of your wedding dress is very practical especially if you choose to have your wedding in the winter.

If you do not want anything from the above to decorate your head then select some hair clips that are decorated with glitter and crystal stones and flower buds. They add a nice little touch to your hairstyle.

Another accessory that most brides tend to avoid but is actually quite elegant and practical is an evening bag or purse. Made of satin, velvet or leather, it must tie in with the wedding dress and other accessories. Evening bags or purse are very useful as you can put the vital cosmetics you need for a touch up on the day or even a small perfume to refresh you. The evening bag can also be used at other social events besides your wedding.

Not much jewellery needs to be worn with the wedding dress. Rings should not be worn as you will be awaiting your wedding ring unless of coarse you want to wear a ring which is a family heirloom. The same applies to the watch there is no need to wear one. For the neck you can choose a simple necklace with pearls or a classic medallion of diamonds or pearls. A small cross is also a simple but elegant jewel. If your dress has many decorations then do not wear a necklace. With regards to the earrings select some with small pearls but do not wear ones that hang or are too large. A simple bracelet in silver or platinum will complete your appearance.

The wedding Rings

The wedding rings chosen by the bride and groom symbolize the eternal love and devotion they have for one another. The couple should choose the rings together, at least two months before the date of their wedding. There are many rings on the market for you to choose from of different materials, shapes, styles and design. Rings made of gold, platinum, or both platinum or gold are the materials to choose from. The shapes are usually classical, a thin flat band or you can choose a wide, flat and square band. They can be shiny or matt and can be decorated with precious stones or diamonds.

Certainly you can order the rings in the material and design of your choice and have them made but make sure this is done well in advance so they are ready in time for the wedding. The rings start at prices of 200 euro and go up depending on the materials used or the decoration.
You should pay attention to the quality and size of the wedding rings since they must not be too loose or too tight.

Do not forget that your rings can be engraved with the wedding date or your names or perhaps a favorite romantic quote or anything else you want.
Please note that it is not necessary to choose two identical rings. The bride’s ring can be decorated with precious stones and semi-precious gems but the groom’s should be simple or perhaps decorated with one single jewel. Select those you like and that you think represent you and what matches the style of your wedding and not what is considered to be in fashion.