Choosing a place

Published: September 10, 2019
Wedding in Chania, Δεξίωση του Γάμου

The selection of a reception venue depends on the style of wedding you want to have, your budget as well as the time and season that the wedding will take place. The wedding reception can take place in any venue ranging from banquet halls to hotels, resorts and gardens. The number of guests also plays an important role as each venue holds up to a certain capacity. It is not wise to visit many places in one day.

It will be tiring and confusing a good move would be to have a notebook with you to write down any important things you notice at each venue. The space should fit with your needs, tastes and financial potential that you have. Equally important is the people that you will work with, they must be polite and easy to talk to. It is also important that the venue be clean and polished looking.