Car rentals – decorations

Wedding in Chania, Οργάνωση του Γάμου

The arrival and appearance of the bride at the church should be impressive as everybody including the groom, relatives, friends and guests are gathered in the courtyard of the church waiting impatiently for the moment when the bride appears.

Usually the bride arrives in the bridal car. However, other means of transport can be used. If, for example, you choose to be married on an island or at a secluded beach spot, you could make your appearance by. If you want a romantic wedding you could choose to arrive in a horse driven coach. If your home is located near the church, you could appear in a more traditional style by going on foot escorted by your parents, relatives and friends but also accompanied by musicians who will play traditional wedding songs.

However the most common means of transport for the bride is with the bridal car. The car you choose to go in must match the tone and style of your wedding. A simple and good car is the perfect solution unless you want something more dynamic and impressive such as a Jaguar, a Porsche or a Rolls Roy’s or even an antique. If your wedding is in summer then a good summer option is the Jeep. If you love two wheelers, a Harley will definitely make your appearance different and special.

Friends, siblings and relatives can lend you their car for this very important moment of your life. Usually the father or the brother of the bride drives. A friend,or even the best man himself can drive too. The bride with her mother and flower girls sit behind, if the father is not the same driver, then he sits in the co seat.

The decoration of the car is done by the florist who has undertaken the flower decoration of your wedding. Do not overload the car with many flowers and ribbons. A few scattered flowers or a bouquet set in the front or behind or perhaps ribbons tied to the door handles is both simple and beautiful.

Of course you may wish to hire a luxurious car from specific rental car offices such as a limousine. But make sure that the company you choose has been in business for a number of years and has a good reputation so as to guarantee good quality service. You should look into this several months before the wedding and take into account other peoples experience and opinions. Above all, make sure the price corresponds to the services provide for. Please note that some of these companies have packages that include the decoration of the interior of the car, photos of the couple and much more. Be sure to check if the car offered is safe, comfortable and new, and if the driver has the necessary experience. Do not forget to ask if the same car after the wedding reception will take you to your home, hotel or airport for the honeymoon.

So take the time to look at the various means of travel on your wedding day. And remember it is only the bride who has the right to arrive at the church a few minutes late.