Patisseries – the wedding cake

Published: September 10, 2019
Wedding in Chania, Δεξίωση του Γάμου

Apart from traditional xerotigana and gamokouloura offered in Crete, there is the wedding cake, which gives a distinct style and special atmosphere to the reception area. The wedding cake is a big part of your wedding and something everyone will remember. The cake made by a professional patisserie is delivered early to the reception venue. You can choose between various shapes and designs and some couples prefer to design their wedding cake around the style and décor of their wedding. The traditional wedding cake is usually round covered with white cream or icing.

Today’s couples tend to choose multiple flavors in their tiers with a mix of chocolate cake and sponge. The cake is placed at a point in the reception area which is visible to all guests whose eyes will all be on it as they await the arrival of the bride and groom. When the couple arrives at the reception they will cut the cake together and then feed each other spoonfuls of the wedding cake symbolizing the sweet taste of their new life together from now on.