Beauty – Body treatment

Wedding in Chania, Ο Γαμπρός

If you think that because men do not need to care for their body, skin, hair and face , you are wrong. Beauty treatments are not only available to women but to men as well. Start looking after your self and your outer appearance on a daily basis and not just because of your impending marriage. Surely this will boost your confidence, and make you feel more handsome and charming.

Your appearance on the day of your marriage will accompany your future spouse forever and she certainly will be more beautiful and elegant than ever. The same picture should apply to you too. Do not wait for the last minute before the wedding to fix up imperfections.Your partner and yourself can enroll in an intensive gym program two to three months before the wedding.

First start with your body, especially if you have a few excess pounds to shed. Visit a gym, a slimming institute or a dietitian and follow a healthy diet. You will have lost some of the unnecessary pounds before your wedding date, and needless to say be more toned and feel more energized, a picture of perfect health.

If you have problem with hair loss or dandruff visit a specialist who will recommend specific pharmaceuticals to reduce the problem. Dandruff on the groom’s suit is a bit of an eyesore to say the least! Have your hair cut a week before the wedding so that it can be of a perfect length. If you have long untamed hair try to curb it with the wet look (if your hair is long it is better to tie it back the day of the wedding).

Personal hygiene is important. Your facial skin , pimples, spots and rashes must be taken care of with special creams or with the help of a specialist. On the day of the wedding be sure to shave. Shaving as you know is a method of skin exfoliation . Start using a moisturize or anti-wrinkle cream.

Two to three months before the wedding visit your dentist for any problems with your teeth or maybe get a bleaching treatment done if necessary. You should also make an appointment for a manicure and Pedicure.

Pay special attention to the cologne you will wear on the day which must be made light and cool. Do not neglect to use a deodorant , prefer the odorless ones. As men usually perspire more than women, so be careful to use a deodorant and preferably cotton underwear.

Do not organize a bachelor party on the night before your wedding. The only thing that this will accomplish will be swollen, and bloodshot eyes with black circles, and a terrible hangover!