The guests

Wedding in Chania, Δεξίωση του Γάμου

One of the most difficult tasks that need to be made before the wedding is to create a wedding list of the guests that you would like to attend the wedding ceremony and reception.

Firstly you need to decide on the number of your guests. Decide whether to invite a few close people (parents, siblings, relatives and some good friends) or more. Practically it is easier if the wedding includes only your immediate family. If your guests are many, then a lot of care and attention is needed.

Usually the wedding list will include family, friends and acquaintances of both parties concerned. This means that the parents or siblings of the couple may also want to invite people whom the groom or bride may not know well or at all. The couple must take this into account that their parents often have obligations towards many people. But on the other hand parents should take note that it is not them that are getting married but their children and that they ultimately have the major say in the guest list. The parents as to avoid any misunderstandings can n propose a list of guests that they would like included and the couple and in turn can add or remove people from the wedding list.

Do not forget that the best man has a right to invite people to the wedding too. The couple will designate the number of guests here giving the best man an estimate on how many people he can invite. Usually the number of guests invited from the best man is less than those of the couple and the reception area will have a reserved area set in advance for the best man’s guests.

Decide whether or not you want children to attend your wedding. The presence of children in the reception area is certainly colorful and pleasant, however, remember that most of the time children are easily bored and can run rampant usually forcing their parents to leave. If you decide that you would not like to invite children then you must inform the parents of children so. If you do not have a problem with the attendance of children you might like to designate an area especially for them so as not to disturb anyone.

Please note that some of those who you invite may not be able to attend the wedding or the reception. So let it be known that you must know in advance the number of attendance as you might want to invite someone else in their place.

Much thought, care and preparation is needed for a wedding guest list. Try to do it with caution and not only out of sentiment as you can get carried away with the number of people you invite. Be aware that it is however, a great occasion to have the people you love and whom love you to share with you in your momentous wedding.