The shoes

Wedding in Chania, Ο Γαμπρός

The shoes are a man’s trademark. It is usually the first thing women observe in men as they often reveal the character and personality.

Three styles dominate men’s shoes: the formal patent leather in black or skin color or crimson, the traditional Oxford-type shoes and suede shoes especially ideal for the summer months.
If you choose to wear a classic formal wedding suit you must know that the official footwear is leather or patent leather in black or in dark crimson. If the suit is a lighter colour then match the shoes accordingly. The style and color of your suit including the season in which you will have your wedding usually determines the style of shoes that will be worn.

Be sure to buy the shoes after you have made the the choice of the suit. Pay special attention to size and fit and make sure you try walking with them several times before the wedding so as to break them in. Make sure they are comfortable when walking. Remember that the day of your wedding entails you standing for many hours so a pair comfortable shoes will help you feel refreshed and comfortable on your big day.