Church decoration

Published: September 10, 2019
Wedding in Chania, Οργάνωση του Γάμου

The best way to express our feelings to each other is by flowers. Offering a flower to someone shows our love whether it be romantic, friendly, sisterly, motherly, or fatherly love, we can show our feelings of devotion, our gratitude and our sympathy to someone we love. Flowers can express any emotion and suit every occasion. Offering a flower is also a tender and romantic gesture.

Flowers not only enhance the various social events in our lives but also the setting in which we live. The use of flowers in our home and workplace add color and fill the atmosphere with a fragrant aroma. Flowers at a wedding are a necessity. The decoration of the church with flowers and candles creates a beautiful atmosphere for you and your guests.

The decorating of the church should be assigned to a florist, begin looking for a suitable florist at least 6 months before your wedding. The florist who will undertake the whole task of decorating must have creativity, talent and imagination and know which appropriate combinations of flowers should be used in such occasions, being able to produce beautiful results for the happiest moment of your life. Choosing flowers in season actually costs less. Prefer simple flower decorations and not exaggerated ones. You must take into account the durability of the flowers as the church flower arrangements are often moved to the reception and therefore the flowers must be kept fresh and alive. Choose flowers that give off a strong and beautiful fragrance.
Roses in any color are the best choice for decorating the church, white is mainly used symbolizing purity and beauty. Red symbolizes passion and pink is a symbol of romance. Other options are tulips an immortal symbol of eternal love, large flowers in shades of pink, white, green, violet and blue go well nicely too. A very beautiful flower is the gardenia with its intense aroma and lilies are elegant and charming. You can also use daisies which symbolize innocence and romance.

The church premises which should be decorated are the courtyard, the church entrance and the aisle. Roses, tulips, white daisies and gardenias are deemed appropriate for such occasions. They can be combined and used with other flowers or pomegranates that add a special color and atmosphere to such places. A common combination preferred is the peach colored rose and white lily and some greenery.

The fabrics you use should blend in harmoniously with the colors of the flowers. Scatter rose petals down the aisle leading to the altar of the church and decorate the church pews with your own choice of flowers, bows and tulle. Apart from flowers of course you can use plants which look lovely outside of the church and in the corridor and around the entrance of the church .Various flowers, green leaves and tulle match perfectly with small trees. Equally ideal for the decoration of the door of the church is the use of a small tree with different flowers or small blossoms. Olive branches and wreaths can be used to decorate the wedding candles.

Two large church flower arrangements complete the decoration of the church. Two are enough (as there are two candles) and the flowers or fabrics used to decorate these need to blend in harmoniously with the rest of the church decoration. You do not need to have these and they can be replaced by special columns that carry a lit torch or a candle inside. Lanterns and candles placed simply on the ground of the courtyard space create a lovely atmosphere and a magical quality, through which the couple will pass through.

If you plan on getting married in a church near the sea or in a green landscape, the two flower arrangements are not necessary. Nature itself will provide the colors and scents needed to create the appropriate atmosphere for your wedding so avoid the use of many flowers in the decoration, ribbons and bows are enough and the two wedding candles that are used in the wedding ceremony. A church on an island near the sea and can be decorated with shells and other sea items.

The season in which you choose to get married plays an important role with regards to the decoration of the church. Summer, for example, is an intense lively colorful season so choose yellow or orange flowers such as sunflowers. In autumn you can use dried leaves and foliage, winter twigs and pine cones combined with a red tablecloth to provide warmth and solemnity to the area. Finally, spring is the season of infinite flower combinations and colors and since nature is at its best and fullest.


The wedding candles are an obligatory piece of decoration that is used in the church ceremony and then used to decorate the reception later. The candles are lit for the ceremony and then transported to the end of the reception area. Traditionally two simple white candles were used in the wedding ceremony, nowadays two large candles are used, decorated with flowers, ribbons and various fabrics such as satin or tulle. The style and design of the candles should tie in with the rest of the decorations and area. Wreaths made from olive leaves and branches can be used to decorate the wedding candles, considered to be quite a modern and unique way of decorating them, these should be used if you have selected the olive tree to play an overall vital role in the decoration of your wedding. Light stands are also used to replace the traditional candle and these are quite a practical gift for the couple to have after their use in the ceremony. However traditional candles are considered more appropriate and match all types of wedding styles and can be decorated nicely with all types of flowers.