Party with the girlfriends

Published: September 10, 2019
Wedding in Chania, Η Νύφη

The Bachelor party and the hen’s night is a custom still followed today. Before the couple become united by the bonds of marriage, the groom has the chance to paint the town red with his friends and the bride to party down with her friends, each doing so on different occasions of course, a last celebration as a single person. In short it is a chance to celebrate the last days of freedom with close and good friends. However such festivities have led to exaggerated behaviors (under the influence of alcohol), as they think they won’t have the chance to go out and have drink, have fun and flirt again after the wedding. Many times couples have actually separated after hearing about what their spouse actually got up to at their party.

The hen’s party is usually organized by her friends 1 or 2 weeks before the wedding. However it is not to say that the bride herself cannot organize her night out with her best friends.

So you might ask what it is exactly that happens at a hen’s or bachelorette party. Usually the bride with her friends will reserve a table at a live greek music establishment, open a bottle (sometimes two, three or more), relax, dance, enjoy a drink, gossip and mingling with the crowd. Or sometimes the party is held at a certain house. Plenty of food and alcohol create the appropriate atmosphere for the evening which may end with a live male striptease show, which is solely for the sake of the bride (there are several offices where you can go for such shows).

Of course there are other options to help the bride to really relax after the stress and running around for the preparations of the wedding and to enjoy beautiful moments with her friends. Organize for example a two-day or three day trip to an island if it is summer or at a mountain village with a ski resort if it is winter. In a picturesque small island (you have no problem of choice here, Greece is full of islands, popular tourist islands and remote quiet ones) you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, the sea, the walks and lazy nights out and will return much more calm and refreshed with a tan to top it all up that will match perfectly with your wedding dress. If you choose to get married in winter then choose to go away to a snowy winter village (or Arachova Pelion for example), then you can go skiing and hiking and try unique foods and sweets (but do not go overboard here you need to watch your diet.)
If you are a fan of nature and of alternative tourism organize a two-day camping trip in the wilderness. You can enjoy trekking, hiking, rafting and mountain climbing and will have the chance to explore some natural beautiful gorges. But be very careful when doing so as you do not want to have an accident, or break a leg or arm before your wedding.

If you do not want to take to the mountains and seas there are more quiet activities to choose from. A good idea is to gather your closest friends and spend a day or weekend away at a Spa. This will not only be beneficial on your external appearance but will no doubt give you a boost of inner confidence. Facials and body treatments, makeup, hairdressing, massage, sauna, body therapies such as sea and chocolate body treatments, relaxing in a jakouzee will most certainly be relaxing and rejuvenating and will make you appear fresh and beautiful and renewed on the day of your wedding.

A hen’s party or bachelorette party should really be renamed a party with friends as really not all friends are single. Do remember that a marriage is the beginning of a new life with your partner and is not a restricted way of life at all. So do not get the notion that your life as a married woman means that you will lose your freedom. If you believe this to be the case then you probably should not get married.