Beauty – Body treatment

Published: September 10, 2019
Wedding in Chania, Η Νύφη

On the day of your wedding you want to be more beautiful and more glowing than ever. A beautiful wedding dress must be accompanied by a perfectly trimmed down and perfectly made up person, with a lovely and flattering hairstyle and healthy glowing skin to complete the look.
Do not do leave these things for the last days up to the wedding but give yourself ample time to start looking after your appearance, at least 2-3 months before the wedding. Start pampering yourself daily and begin a good morning and evening skin care regime. Use skin cleansing products that will remove all traces of makeup and built up residue and dirt without drying your skin. After cleansing your face use a moisturizing cream or an anti-wrinkle cream. If you have problems with acne or black head, pay a visit to a dermatologist or beauty consultant. You will probably need to follow a special skin care treatment that will relieve you from these problems. The same care and attention should be given to the skin around your eyes. Combat any problems of dark circles, swollen puffy eyes and wrinkles by using special creams and combat any dryness and redness with eye drops or cleaning solutions. Have your eyebrows shaped by a professional or you can do this yourself if you have the adequate knowledge
Particular care is needed for your body and limbs .Have a pedicure and manicure done monthly prior to the wedding and use moisturizing softening lotions for your heels , elbows and knees. You need to visit your dermatologist if you have a problem with fungi. If indeed you have a problem with your feet they must be treated immediately so as to be cured by the wedding day.

Pay a visit to a beauty parlor and have a hair removal facial/body treatment done. The use of lasers in these cases is quite effective and lasts a long time, and sometimes permanently. Do not experiment with your own by means of shaving or waxing. Such methods should be used weeks prior to the big day as you want to have your skin looking absolutely soft and glowing.

Give brightness and freshness to your skin. Get your friends to go to a Spa together. Try different body therapies and treatments which will renew your skin and remove any dead cells. Always make sure you use a body moisturizing cream after your daily shower or bath. If you prefer a bath then have it filled with aromatic herbs and oils. If you want a tan do not expose your skin for a great period of time under the sun and you must always wear sunscreen to protect your self from any skin damage. After sunbathing have a shower and immediately use an after sun moisturizing cream both on the body and face.

Do not neglect to look after your body. Go on a more healthy diet and start an exercise regime. This will help lose a few excess weight and help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Do not go overboard on this and be realistic about your body type do not aim to look like the models in magazines. Most likely this will only result in you being run down and exhausted and dieting excessively causing health problems and making you feel weak. If you have a weight problem or want to target certain areas in your body it is advisable to seek the help of a dietician or nutritionist and a personal trainer. They will put you on the appropriate health plan by putting you on the right diet and fitness program that will show results. If your problem is not that bad but you just want to look toned and shed a kilo or two and want to rid yourself of any cellulite then visit and start an exercise regime and follow a healthy meal plan. For example, eliminate any fast food, fats, sweets, alcohol, caffeine, soft drinks, sauces and white bread from your daily eating habits and replace them with fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, and fruit juices. Avoid fried foods as prefer grilled or baked. Do not eat large portions of food several times a day and especially at night. Follow a fitness program or start running every morning a few kilometers or more or take up a sport you love.

How your hair will look and be styled on the day of your wedding will certainly be on your mind. Start looking after your hair well before the wedding. You may want to have your hair cut or dyed another color. Try different looks well in advance to the wedding day as to find the right look and style that suits you. On the big day your hair should look freshly cut, dyed nicely, and look healthy and shiny. For the bridal hairstyle you should get ideas from fashion and wedding magazines and discuss them with your hairdresser. Do not attempt to try anything too radical and dramatic as you don’t want to be unrecognizable. Try several styles well in advance to the wedding and choose one that complements you the best. Perhaps it would be preferable to visit other hairdressers and get an idea of their work and other hairstyles. Decide on what you want. If you want your hair to be short, long, straight or have curls. The style should suit the shape of your face (long, oval, square, with angles).The hairdresser will advise you on what style suits your face. Choose a simple hairstyle and something that is not too formal. Do not fill your hair with many accessories or glitter as this looks over the top.

If you arrange for all this to be done a few months before your wedding, then on the big day you will surely look renewed, bright and completely different. You won’t need to have to run around at the last minute and have any imperfections fixed up. All you should have to do the weeks before the wedding is your last wedding dress fittings and make-up and hair trials.

On the big day after you have woken up you should have a relaxing bath in essential oils and herbs and then have a relaxing massage. Try not to think of any wedding preparations or of any details that have to be checked for the wedding. Go out for a coffee with my friends or go for a light stroll. Do not stress for any reason whatsoever, allow yourself to enjoy the moment, to feel the emotion and happiness of this special day.