Underwear, ties

Published: September 10, 2019
Wedding in Chania, Ο Γαμπρός


The tie is the ultimate male accessory.Not only does it give a man style and finesse but an air of self-confidence too.This of course can be achieved only when worn with the proper suit and on the appropriate occasion. A wedding ceremony is one such occasion as many Bridegrooms choose to wear a tie even though it may not be in accordance with their own personal style.

A formal suit is perfectly matched with a tie of one color, with thin stripes or geometrical shapes on it. Striped ties match shirts of one color. If the suit is dark, select a tie in more lighter shades.If you desire you may fasten a silver or gold pin on the tie.

The tie must never be tucked into the trousers and when tied must reach the buckle of the belt. Avoid eccentric ties, meaning those with bright or bold strange shapes including any animations such as cartoons.

Shop assistants will help you choose the correct tie that suits your suit and shirt style ,your body type and facial features. Therefore do not hesitate to ask for their valuable assistance and to follow their advice.

Although a large percentage of men choose a tie to complete the bridegroom appearance, there is also a large number of those who choose not to wear a tie to their wedding. This is the new trend today making the groom appear more fashionable, relaxed and less polished thus appearing often younger, handsome and masculine.

For those who do not prefer a tie there is also the choice of the bow-tie which is however considered somewhat outdated. Nevertheless it is you who has the final choice of what to wear depending on your own personal style and the style of your wedding without necessarily following what is considered to be appropriate traditional or fashionable.


If you think that underwear is a detail which you do not need to pay any particular importance to, you are wrong. Underwear hidden well below the suit, will not be highlighted in any way but this does not mean that you can wear whatever comes your way be it old and of poor quality or condition. You can wear your underwear only if it is in good condition otherwise you will need to buy some.

In stores you’ll find underwear in classic lines such as briefs or in boxer shorts with matching singlets. With a wedding suit the classic briefs match perfectly . Choose mostly cotton underwear or Lycra.
with viscose. The quality and size are important as you don’t want to wear anything that restricts you and is tight or that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way or that make you sweaty you want to be able to feel comfortable and be able to move freely.

Pay special attention to your socks too as they will be worn for several hours. Select the correct size one that is not to tight and restricting but one that is not too loose aswell.

The quality plays an important role here too as they should not make your feet perspire or feel too warm either.Do not forget that
socks should always be the same color as the suit that you will wear.