Groom’s suit

Wedding in Chania, Ο Γαμπρός

The selection of the groom’s suit does not require as much searching and fittings as the bride’s wedding dress but this does not mean that the groom should not be careful but must choose what style is best suited for him.

Depending on the tone and style of wedding can choose either: tailcoat, tuxedo, suit or jacket and trousers. A month or two before the wedding start visiting stores and try on various styles to see which one best suits and flatters you. It is best to choose a suit with a good brand name as the tailor will be that more attentive to the fabric with the alterations. If you want to have a suit sewn entirely for you then make sure the tailor has the appropriate experience and inform yourself about the quality of his work. In this case an early visit to your tailor to have your measurements taken and to choose the fabric is necessary if you want a suit to be made in time for the date of the wedding.

Usually the appropriate suit that is worn for a wedding is a formal style, black or gray with a white shirt and vest to suit the jacket and a tie to match too. Socks and shoes are usually in black and to complete the look and add a little colour a red flower is usually worn in the jackets top pocket. If the wedding is of a more relaxed style you can choose a suit in lighter shades, and do not need to wear a tie.

If you are getting married in summer you will have a variety of styles and colours to choose from ranging from White light gray, blue to beige. Wearing a bow tie instead of a tie matches perfectly with the climate and atmosphere of the summer. A very good choice for this season is a linen suit, even though this material crumples easily it is quite a cool fabric and is comfortably worn especially in the summer.

Your body type plays an important role in your choice of suit.If you are short and a little stocky then choose a jacket that has a single row of buttons and a long trouser leg as this will give you height and lengthen your body.If you are short and thin then double breasted jacket will be your best choice . A suit with thin stripes also make you look taller. Tall ,thin men basically can wear almost anything. What is particularly flattering for this body type is cross jackets and trousers without smocking and revers. If you are not sure what style suits your body then ask the specialists and they will suggest a style that will suit and flatter you.

Some tips to be aware of are:

• Do not select a different colour jacket and pair of .
• The vest should match the colour and style of the suit. Between the vest and the shirt collar should be two finger gap.
• The correct length of the pants is when the tip touches the shoe laces . Trousers of a classical straight line are preferable.They not too wide and not too narrow.
• Make sure the jacket feels comfortable in the shoulders, chest and your hands are able to move freely without any restriction.
• The same goes for the shirt.
• Check the quality of the fabric the preferred typical fabric chosen in weddings is a cool wool.
• If you are fan of the tie, a challenge for you is not to wear one to your wedding. It is fashionable now for groom not to wear a tie and leave the button of the shirt collar unbuttoned. This gives an air of youthfulness and masculinity it is considered very stylish and modern.
• The shirt you wear should be of top quality. If you want to add more elegance to the appearance add cuff-links. The hard collar of the shirt gives a conservative and formal look while the soft a more informal relaxed style. If you have selected a summer wedding then a cool, comfortable linen shirt worn loosely over the pants and not wearing a tie is a very stylish look.