Anidri and gorge of Anidron

Published: September 10, 2019
Municipal Unit of Pelekanos, Sights

The gorge of Anidron starts from the homonymous village and ends at the beach of Anidron (or a few meters from Gialiskari). The village of Anidri is located 5 km northeast of Paleochora and the serpentine route is full of wild surprises as the road passes through tall trees, caves, rivers, between rocks.

So when you reach the village of Anidron, you are supplied with plenty of water from the source of the village and start the descent. The gorge of Anydra is 3 km long and the route is very beautiful and easily accessible and lasts about 45 minutes. Although the route is easy it should be noted that there are no tall trees and the need for shade is usually met by hats. At the finish we meet the beach of Anydron and very close to Gialiskari beach, which are 3.5 km from Paleochora. A well-known walk is the triangle Paleochora – Anhydro – Anydron Beach – Paleochora, a route that lasts about 3.5 hours and combines mountain, sea and gorges.