Published: September 10, 2019
Municipal Unit of Sfakion, Sights

As we ascend from Anopoli Sfakion on the wild mountain with a magnificent view that reaches even to Gavdos, we meet the picturesque village of Aradena. A metal bridge stands 138 meters above the Aradena Gorge and leads you from one end to the other. The brave decide to take a dip in the gap of 138 meters while it requires courage even to cross it on foot as you gaze at the majesty of nature and feel its oscillation even with the gust of wind.

The gorge starts from the top before one even steps on the bridge and 5.5 km and 3-4 hours later one ends at the pristine Marmara beach, in the Libyan Sea. The route is relatively easy and as a whole one enjoys the rich flora and fauna of Crete as well as its wild rocky landscape.