The mosque of Kyuchyuk Hassan (Ali Mosque)

Published: September 10, 2019
Municipal Unit of Chania, Sights

It is undoubtedly one of the dozens of ornaments that houses the old port and also one of the dozens of buildings left by the occasional conquerors and complete the mosaic image of the old town and the old port of Chania.

The Yali Mosque was built in the mid-17th century in honor of Kucuk Hassan, the city’s first Turkish guard. During the period when the city of Chania was occupied by the Ottoman Turks, many buildings were built and adapted to serve the then conquerors.

The shape of the building is square and consists of 8 domes (one large and seven small). The large-central dome is surrounded by four stone arches. It is worth noting that on the southwest side of the mosque, there was a minaret from which only its base survives.

The Yali Mosque is currently used for photo exhibitions and other art events.