Islet Theodorou

Published: September 10, 2019
Municipal Unit of Platanias, Sights

Looking at the endless blue from Agia Marina and Platanias, Chania, our gaze is interrupted by a small island in the middle of the bay, the island of Agioi Theodoroi, which the locals refer to as “Theodorou”.

In the background of the history during the Minoan Period Theodoros was a sacred asylum while during the period of Venetian rule the Venetians decided to build two fortresses on the island to prevent pirates and Turks from invading Chania from Platanias. The largest of the fortresses is called “Tourlourou” while the smallest is “San Theodoro”. Historical battles with the Turks took place around Theodoros but today the fortresses are only 2 ruins.

The only inhabitant of Theodoros is the Cretan chamois, the well-known Kri-Kri that tends to extinction and was transferred in an attempt to reproduce away from the dangers that lurk in the inhabited areas. For this reason, Theodorou has been declared a protected area and any human activity on its territory is prohibited. Today, it is estimated that around 80 chamois live in the territory of Theodoros, while since 2009 people are allowed to visit the island for short hours for tourist purposes.

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