Heart Store in Platanias Chania

Heart Store in Platanias Chania

The story of the name begins in 2020 when we decided, to initially make some changes in our gallery which has been operating for over 25 years.

In the HEART of Platanias

Because the building is located in the heart of the tourist area and just 10 meters from the main square of the village of Platanias.

A few words about jewelry and works of art:
The gold jewelry and the passion for this object started in our gallery with the difference of some years, and more specifically, our gallery opened in 1995, where it operates until today, and in 2017 the gold jewelry was added.
Since the gallery itself is famous for its special objects and the uniqueness in the art, so it could support the jewelry inside.

Its growth every year was rapid, so we decided to make some changes with it.
Our website consists of works of art by the gallery and gold jewelry of the jewelry store.
So a great idea that was born and is starting to be realized step by step.

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