Venetian dockyards (Neoria or Arsenal)

Published: September 10, 2019
Municipal Unit of Chania, Sights

In that golden age when the Venetian fleet dominated the Mediterranean Sea, the Venetian neo-armies (or Arsenalia) were built. It aimed at supplying, repairing or even building new fleets and ships.

The construction of the first two was completed in the early 16th century. They are 50 meters long, 10 meters high and 9 meters wide.

During the years of Ottoman rule, they functioned as military depots, but unfortunately, after the end of the Turkish occupation and after many bombings and demolitions, only 9 of the 23 new ones have been saved.

The new buildings (mainly the big Arsenal) were also used as a school, hospital, theater and town hall. But today it hosts large exhibitions and meetings.