Gavdos Island

Published: September 10, 2019
Municipal Unit of Gavdos, Sights

Gavdos (or the island of Calypso) is the southernmost island – tip of Europe. It has an area of ​​30 square kilometers and according to the latest census is inhabited by 152 people. It is 26 nautical miles from Chora Sfakion and 32 nautical miles from Paleochora.

In Gavdos you will find very beautiful beaches that have the ability to show you all the shades of blue but with the color of deep blue and light blue to prevail. Perimeter you will find the beaches: Karave (near the port), Sarakiniko, Agiannis, Lavrakas, Pyrgos, Korfos, Potamos, Diana and Tripiti (the southernmost point and southernmost beach in Europe). At regular intervals one finds shady resting places as Gavdos is basically covered by cedar, pines and olives.

Gavdos’ great talent is to eliminate the words time and money from the vocabulary of each visitor and this makes it one of the first choices for a quiet destination and more specifically, in the summer season it hosts over 3,500 people. Although the guests are basically campers on the island there are restaurants, rooms to let, apartments, cafes. Access to Gavdos is daily in the summer and four times a week in the winter and the starting points are Paleochora, Sougia, Agia Roumeli and Chora Sfakion.

From anywhere on the north side of the island one can see Gavdopoula, a small, dry, deserted and uninhabited island of only 2 square kilometers.