Splantzias Square

Published: September 10, 2019
Municipal Unit of Chania, Sights

In a quiet area reminiscent of a labyrinth of alleys, behind the bustle of the port of Chania, near the area of ​​Kastelli, is the former residence of Pasha during the Turkish occupation. It is the area of ​​Splantzia that was a Turkish quarter for over 200 years of Turkish occupation.

The picturesque Venetian port that is considered the most beautiful landscape of Crete. The main square which is the starting point of the old town is known as “Fountain”, as there is a fountain with water, where it pulsates with life with many visitors, restaurants, cafes, museums, galleries and historical monuments.

Some of the most popular places of the port are the Venetian Lighthouse where it has been completely restored and you can visit it, the Naval Museum, the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Turkish Mosque that functions as an exhibition center, the Municipal Gallery of Chania, the Jewish Synagogue and Halidon Street, the most popular street of the old town that leads in front of the port.

The old town provides a warm atmosphere with many narrow streets, sidewalks, beautiful old buildings most of which have been successfully restored. The city center of Chania remains alive with the traffic and bustle of daily life with facilities that offer all kinds of activities, such as shops and anything else you require.

This is a quiet area, located in a great location to visit some of the sights and points of interest of the city. Within a few minutes walk from the port and close to the municipal market, it is the ideal base for today’s visitor to the city of Chania. There are many excellent restaurants in the surrounding area as well as private car park with security guard directly opposite the hotel.

A few minutes away in the other direction you will find yourself in the heart of the commercial area of ​​Chania, the leather shops and the main bus station.