Foreldrene – familien

Bryllup i Chania, Medstjerner

A wedding apart from the intense feelings of joy and love that it evokes in members of the family and relatives can also create anxiety and much stress that always accompanies the preparation and planning of a wedding. Although it is the couple who has the first say in how they want their wedding to be, the parents will put in their opinions and will help in the organization of the wedding. The first thing that should be decided together is the number of people attending from both sides of the family as the wedding guest list affects many of the decisions made on matters related to the wedding, such as what size wedding reception venue to invitations, bonbonieres and so on. It is important that everyone works together in finalizing the guest list and the couple be considerate of their parent’s wishes, particularly if they are contributing to the wedding expenses. Also the parents do have experience in such planning and can lend a helpful hand in many of the areas concerning the preparation of a wedding.

The mother of the bride helps in choosing the wedding dress, the selection of a reception venue, the menu and sometimes the choice of music. She also helps in the selection of guests and together with the bride to be informs all relatives and friends about the impending wedding. The father of the bride, experiences a beautiful and memorable moment. It is the moment, emotionally charged with sentiment and love, he will escort his daughter to the church where he will hand his beloved daughter over to the groom. This time is perhaps the most important in the life of a man therefore the parents have to stand beside their children with love, understanding and respect. In this way, the couple will have only sweet and pleasant memories of their wedding.